Our name, PeopleBrand, clearly reflects our approach: we believe that to gain the maximum profit you must sacrifice your most valuable asset – your brand. People, including your target market, love most what belongs to them. So we’ll give your brand to them in return for your profit.


Creativity for us is not just something that stirs up emotions. We apply creativity as a tool that helps us deliver the message to the target audience employing emotions.


Festivals play important role promoting creativity and advertising as an industry. But a Client ultimately pays us for our help to sell his/her product, not for gaining prizes at the ad festivals.

So profitable creativity is all about helping you to offer your Customer a unique selling value on the profitable basis for you.


Here you can see the tip of the iceberg. Under the water, there are thousands of hours spent on developing strategies and tactics, and delivering flawless execution.


Baku Office

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